First comprehensive map of Beirut, drawn in 1876 for Sultan Abdul Hamid II under the command of Julius Löytved, a dragoman at the German Embassy in Istanbul.

Hey! Thesis continues our SMarchs series with Chantal from the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture: Who are you? Chantal El Hayek What program are you in? SMarchs AKPIA Who is your advisor? Nasser Rabbat Hey! What’s your thesis? The Last Levantine City: Beirut, 1830-1930 How does thesis make you feel? Ever in a pensive mood… Draw […]

Someecard Happy hour 2

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As part of the guest post series, PhD student Christianna Bonin writes on the current exhibition at the MIT List Visual Arts center, “Katrín Sigurdardóttir: Drawing Apart”. See it before the exhibition closes on April 12! — AK I employ architecture to describe places; I copy architecture to redraw and re-experience a moment. Whereas the […]

YEs We Can

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Village, Kalinganar

Last week my studio travelled to India to explore steel urbanism in the state of Orissa, and visit our site, the planned steel city of Kalinganagar. It was a full week of steel factories, helicopter rides, villages and meetings; we returned home exhausted but with plenty of new ideas. See my photos from our trip […]


The winners of the Course 4 shirt design competition are in! Click on the images to order your own! Sale open through Monday, March 23rd. Unrolled 4 Yes We Cantilever Share with your friends who love architecture, structures, puns, MIT course numbers, and laser cutting!


Hey! Thesis returns with a spring SMarchs series! Up first: David saves the world with collective urban prototypes.   Who are you? D[avid] Birge   What program are you in? SMarchs Urbanism   Who is your advisor? Miho [Mazereeuw]   How does thesis make you feel? Excited, nervous, tired   Draw us a picture of […]


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