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In honor of Marathon Monday, I thought I would finally post some images from a few weeks ago. I’ve been training for my second Boston Marathon this winter (only somewhat successfully with the demands of Core II) and one weekend in March, I decided to document some of the buildings along the course as I ran […]


 When you graduated high school, did your yearbook have a spread of “superlatives”?  Where people would get recognized (or condemned) for a certain characteristic?  I don’t remember what mine had…I think there was a lot of controversy around it and people were worried about offending people or leaving people out. I mean, we were all raised on […]

More Kahn

A few weeks ago, Core 2 studio ventured across New England to sunny New Haven, Connecticut. It’s tempting to say the best part of the day was a huge pizza feast at Bar (rumor has it New Haven pizza beats slices in NY), but even on a full stomach, walking around the city was lovely. And, […]


This week was MIT’s spring break. For myself and the rest of my classmates in the Media Lab’s “Quito Innovation Hubs” course, however, there would be no catching up on House of Cards or sleeping until noon. Rather, we spent the week exploring the surprisingly lovely city of Quito, Ecuador (latitude 0.00). We spent the week […]


Social housing in United States has been recognized as poorly designed and constructed low-income shelters. However, the concept of public housing in Singapore is another story. About 85 percent of Singapore population live in social housing developed by HDB (Housing and Development Board). They are not considered as a sign of poverty, but rather as […]


[This post includes reference to another blog post,  http://laverdessecrets.wordpress.com/2014/02/26/treasure-trove-trix/ ].   On the Friday before Spring Break, a few friends and I walked over to The Muddy Charles.  No, not the Charles River-that’s icy right now after all.  If you are still clueless about The Muddy, it’s a bar on campus.  A BAR ON CAMPUS! Yea, it exists. […]

Volumetric Robotics 5

Last Wednesday the Boston Society of Architects hosted the opening for their new exhibit, Volumetric Robotics, featuring work from a workshop at the MIT Department of Architecture taught by Brandon Clifford. The course explored the tradition of volumetric construction in ancient civilizations, a tradition lost in the economical veneer cladding typical today. The product is a collection of […]


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